Oceanographic Museum

Boasting world-renowned expertise, the Museum presents more than 6000 specimens in their faithfully reconstructed natural habitat. Come and discover the amazing species of the Mediterranean, the incredible diversity of the inhabitants of the coral reef and the monumental Shark Lagoon, all under the same roof.

From the highly colourful tropical zone to the spellbinding charm of the Mediterranean section, the Oceanographic museum invites you to observe the underwater world in all its authenticity. The one hundred or so pools, ranging in size from 100 to 450,000 litres, are home to several thousand fish specimens, more than 200 species of invertebrates and around one hundred species of hard and soft corals.

Constantly evolving, the Museum Aquarium is one of the oldest in the world. As early as 1903, even before the inauguration of the Temple to the Sea, Mediterranean fish and invertebrates were kept here in cement pools. At the beginning of the 1930s, they were joined by tropical fish. Our vocation has always been the same: to pass on to the public our knowledge and love of the marine world to raise awareness of the threats to this environment.

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