Individual members


 Ms. Nadia BARCOLI, Retired from Oceanographic Museum, Treasurer.

 Ms. Marie-Claude BEAUD, Director of the New National Museum of Monaco, Member.

 Ms. Béatrice BLANCHY, Retired from New National Museum of Monaco.

Ms. Elisabeth BRÉAUD, President of the Association of Monaco for the knowledge of Arts, Member.

Ms. Célia BERNASCONI, Curator at the National Museum of Monaco, Member.

 Ms. Jacqueline CARPINE-LANCRE, Responsible for historical research at the Prince's Palace of Monaco, Conservative (e.r.) of the Oceanographic Museum's Library, Honorary Vice-President.

 Mr. Robert FILLON, Ambassador of Monaco in Italy, Member.

Mr. Thomas FOUILLERON, Director of Archives of the Prince's Palace, Member.

Ms. Françoise GAMERDINGER, Deputy Director of Cultural Affairs, member.

Ms. Nathalie GIORDANO-ROSTICHER, Chief Curator at the National Museum of Monaco, Member.

 Mr. Frédéric LABARRERE, Councillor at the Embassy of Monaco in Paris, Member.

 Mr. Régis LÉCUYER, Honorary Chief Curator of Princely Palace's Archives, Member.

 Ms. Corinne MAGAIL, Chargé de mission, Member.

 Mr. Jérôme MAGAIL, Administrator at the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, General Secratary.

 Mr. Olivier MAGUET, Oceanographic Museum, Curator Assistant - Chief of exhibitions service.

 Mr. le Professeur Claude PALLANCA, Director of Naval Museum, Member.

 Mr. Patrick PIGUET, Director of heritage, Curator of the Oceanographic Institute, Albert Ist's Foundation of Monaco, Member.

 Mr. Rainier ROCCHI, Honorary Director of Cultural Affair of Monaco, Member.

 Mme Eléna ROSSONI-NOTTER, Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, contributor, Member.

 Mr. Patrick SIMON, Director of the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, President.

 Ms. Suzanne SIMONE, Honorary Curator of the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropompgy, Member.

 Ms. Magali VERCESI, Director of Emissions Postage Stamps' Office, Vice-Presidente of ICOM-Monaco.



Institutional members


The State Apparments, Mr. Claude PALMERO, Administrator of H.S.H Prince's wealths.

The Exotic Garden, Mr. Jean-Marie SOLICHON, Director

The New National Museum of Monaco, Ms. Marie-Claude BEAUD, Director.

The Naval Museum, Professor Claude PALLANCA, Director.

The Oceanographic Museum, Mr. Robert CALCAGNO, Director.

The Museum of the Chapel of Visitation, Mr. Jean-Charles CURAU, Director of Cultural Affairs.

The Museum of Stamps and Coins, Ms. Magali VERCESI, Director of Emissions Postage Stamps' Office, Vice-President of ICOM-Monaco.

The Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology of Monaco, Mr. Patrick SIMON, Director.

The The Library of Moanco Ms. Béatrice NOVARETTI, Director.





Mr. Patrick SIMON,



Ms. Magali VERCESI,



Ms. Nadia BARCOLI,



Mr. Jérôme MAGAIL,

General secretary.


Ms. Jacqueline CARPINE-LANCRE,

Honorary Vice-President.